Solar street lights to install batteries, buried battery box

Update:16 Jan 2018

Battery buried at the water can not have occurred. Buri […]

Battery buried at the water can not have occurred.
Buried battery box should first dig work pits, the size is generally 1 m * 1 m * 1 m or more (length and width vary due to the specifications of the battery box, depth due to different regions, to ensure that the local frozen layer the following).
After excavation, use the ground wire to detect the presence of underground obstacles and underground pipelines. If there is a smooth opening, avoid barbaric construction.
Check the battery voltage is higher than 12.6 volts (12 volt system) is qualified, and then the battery level placed in the battery box, to be firmly fixed to ensure that the battery terminals bright and clean, if necessary, with a wire brush or sandpaper polished terminal light, Firmly connect the battery output cable (positive and negative separate), two wires coat a steel hose, and then set in the mouth of the battery box mouth (coincide length of about 25 mm), and the use of double-wire hoop centering tight solid. Good waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-short circuit, heat treatment, and finally cover the battery box cover, waterproofing.
Dig well after the work pit buried battery box to find a good level of battery box, embedded threading pipe (protective tube) diameter of not less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of the steel wire tube wear, the protection of pipe bending, shall not be less than 2 times , Avoid dead bending.
Protection tube shall not have perforation, cracks and bumpy defects, the wall should be smooth without burrs, no debris.
Steel wire hose from the bottom up out of the ground, the installation of backfill earth to restore the original road, the construction site clean.
Flatten the solar panel bracket first (bending may occur during transport) so that the solar panel can be laid flat on top of it.
The solar panels with bolts, nuts, gaskets firmly fixed on the bracket, when the solar cell vertical junction box should be located at the top, when the solar cell crosswise when the junction box should be closer to the direction from the pole assembly.

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