Solar garden lamp installation requirements pitch

Update:03 Jan 2018

Now a lot of solar garden lights have been installed in […]

Now a lot of solar garden lights have been installed in people's residential area, solar garden lights garden lights fashionable, high and low, with a variety of styles of residential, both to play a decorative role, but also in the night lighting, can be described as Is a double use. But there are also many people who worry, solar garden lights installed in the district is very good, but do not know how to do a reasonable distribution, that is, how many meters to install a set to protect the solar garden lights will not be installed too dense, but not As far away from the lighting effect is not satisfactory.
Solar garden lights can be divided into two kinds, one is no mask, and the other is a mask. No mask solar garden lights prone to diffuse reflection, its light is to want to spread around, for this solar garden lights, its light source to choose high-pressure sodium lamp, the height can choose between 3.5-4 meters, the right The installation distance of 18-20 meters, not suitable too close.
For the solar mask with a solar garden lights, light is more concentrated, will not spread around. It can be installed at a distance of about 16 meters, and one unit for each unit at the entrance of the residential area at the intersection of the main fire-fighting lane for individual control of overnight lighting. Interval jumper on the road way two-way control, turn off the lights in the middle of the night half to save energy. According to the engineering practice, the dark bands between the two lamps are exactly eliminated, meaning that the spacing between the two lamps is basically suitable. If the solar garden lamp pole height changes, the arrangement of the pitch with a slight adjustment.

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