Light pole embedded in the foundation

Update:19 Dec 2017

Pole Positioning Pits do pothole foundation: The compan […]

Pole Positioning Pits do pothole foundation: The company provides the basis for the appropriate specifications of the embedded road drawings.
After excavation, use ground wire brazing to find out whether there is any underground obstacle and underground pipelines.
Pit laying 8 cm thick cushion.
Concrete foundation pouring should be concentrated processing, mixing with a blender, vehicle transport to the construction site.
When the concrete foundation is poured on the cushion, it should be vibrated while pouring. Before the pouring, the embedded parts of anchor bolts should be buried, and the anchor bolts should be used for the second filling of the grout.
Pay attention to the bolt protection measures based on the pole to prevent damage to the bolt.
Under the embedded thread pipe (protective tube), should be set up in a timely manner on the basis of the outlet hole aligned battery outlet hole, the port should be located in the middle of the embedded parts, and 5 cm higher than the concrete embedded parts (to avoid water), try to avoid Embedded threading pipe bending, the inner diameter of not less than 1.5 times the outer diameter of the steel wire hose wear, if the protection of pipe bending, not less than 2 times, to avoid dead bending. The lower port to keep slightly downward tilt. Spout must be blocked with something to prevent the construction process of debris and other debris into the pipe plug threading pipe.
After pouring, make the horizontal adjustment to the embedded parts, and smooth the concrete foundation surface.
Before installing the base of the light pole, look for the verticality from two directions. During the installation, monitor the verticality. The deviation of the verticality is not more than 5 mm to ensure the verticality of the light pole.
Good foundation for the production must be 2-5 days (according to the construction of the ambient temperature, by the construction staff to grasp) in the conservation process, the foundation of the upper surface from time to time to test the level of assurance, if not meet Requirements, should be promptly repaired.

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