Garden lamp maintenance and cleaning tips

Update:30 Jan 2018

Garden lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting, usually refe […]

Garden lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting lamp below 6 meters, its main components are: light source, lamps, lampposts, flanges, the basic embedded parts 5 parts, With diversity, aesthetics has the characteristics of landscaping and decorative environment, it is also known as landscape garden lights. It is mainly used for outdoor lighting in urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist attractions, parks, squares and other public places, which can prolong outdoor activities and improve the safety of property.
Clean: Landscape garden lighting is generally more dust, clean with a damp cloth to wipe, action to maintain the same direction, do not rub back and forth, the intensity should be moderate, especially for chandeliers, wall lamps to be gentle.
Clean the interior of the lamp. When cleaning the lamp, first turn off the lamp and remove it when wiping it. If you are directly in the light on the clean, do not rotate the light bulb clockwise to avoid over-tightening lamp cap.
Solar panels by light to achieve photoelectric conversion, resulting in DC, and then through the controller to charge the battery, the battery storage of electrical energy. At night, the battery automatically discharges through the controller, solar garden lights to work, without manual management.

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